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LAS VEGAS | 26 & 27 FEB 2020 LVCC USA
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Milsing: Exhibiting at White Label World Expo Frankfurt


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Our specialty are innovative dosage formats - chocolate health supplements and soft chews.

Being in line with growing market trends to offer innovative food supplements to consumers, Milsing has successfully developed Chocowise® concept which represents a range of premium food supplements in delicious chocolate forms.
The products are manufactured using proprietary Preserve Technology, an adapted manufacturing process that allows for a high percentage of active ingredients, even those sensitive to heat, while preserving the great taste of real chocolate.
This new delivery format of delicious, healthy and stable chocolate supplements is equally suitable for children and adult products. www.chocowise.com

Juicy Slim is food supplement for weight management, presented in the form of delicious, fruit-flavoured soft chews. Each chew contains 1 g of glucomannan - 100% natural, plant-based ingredient, clinically proven to support weight loss. Glucomannan is also supported by two EU-authorised health claims - weight loss and cholesterol management. It is very convenient for consumers interested in losing weight because it both curbs hunger and satisfies craving for sweets. www.en.juicyslim.hr

Lectranal® is clinically proven natural allergy relief product. Its targeted composition, based on proprietary astragalus extract, relieves allergy symptoms by balancing immune system response to common allergens. Lectranal® can be used both as a prophylactic and after the onset of the allergy to relieve symptoms. Lectranal®, which effects have been confirmed through extensive scientific research, is a natural solution for defence against external agents with good safety profile and is very well tolerated. www.lectranal.com

Mikeda® Active Collagen 5000 is an innovative anti-age drink available in the form of monodoses. It efficiently improves the quality and structure of skin and decreases wrinkles. This beauty drink contains biologically active, proven effective collagen peptides, Beauty Shield Complex with hyaluronic acid and vitamin B3, zinc and vitamins in an optimal ratio. This unique synergistic formula efficiently increases the level of collagen in the skin and actively contributes to reducing wrinkles, increasing hydration, tension and elasticity of the skin as well as keeping hair and nails shiny. www.mikedaskin.com
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