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How to make your packaging sizzle and sell

It’s easy to think that great package design is enough to sell your product. It’s not. Great images are but one part of a compelling picture you need to paint. Words, design and images should work together so that when a person sees your product, they want to find out more and ultimately buy.
It pays to follow the AIDCA formula. Developed by the copywriting pioneer Robert E Ramsay way back in 1922, AIDCA stands for: Attention, Interest, Desire, Caution, and Action.

Why your packaging and promotional copy must embrace AIDCA
AIDCA is what goes on in a person’s mind before they buy what’s inside the package. It was developed in connection with adverts and sales leaflets, but it applies the same to your packaging and promo words.

You have just seconds to connect with a prospect regardless of how they come in contact with your product. You have more time for sure when your product is actually in their hands or it’s being demonstrated to them (think online shopping TV channels which are strangely hypnotic) but on the internet you have just seconds before they’ve left you in a trail of unfulfilled needs…

Here’s how to use AIDCA.

Does your product have an attention-grabbing headline that promises an amazing relevant benefit? One your prospect will happily identify with? Selling your protein bars to a gym bunny requires a different lead in message to say a busy parent grabbing something to fuel them in between juggling a mountain of tasks. Same product; different need and different context when consumed.

You must build on this initial benefit with your compelling proposition. How? Can you share two or three knock me dead benefits underpinned by genuine facts and figures about the power of your product?

Can you make a value drenched irresistible special offer and include genuine customer feedback to boost its impact even more? One great unedited testimonial from a raving fan can work wonders. Can you show an amazing before and after image?

This is the deal breaker where your good work can go to waste. So, your prospect is interested. Your benefits are looking good. Your offer has moved them closer to you. At the stage of caution, the prospect is interested in what you have to offer but they have a few doubts; objections as we most commonly refer to them. These are more pressing the bigger the purchase and the greater the commitment required. Allay their objections by signposting to the great content on your website, blog or landing page so they can find out more about your product. Encourage them to contact you if the size and nature of the purchase warrants this.

The final stage of AIDCA is that all-important action. You must make clear what your prospect should do next. It is pretty obvious when they are buying online from E-Bay or Amazon or even your website if you are e-commerce customer friendly. That said you should still add some strong calls to action to buy now. What will they miss not buying? What will they gain from buying? This power boost could just swing that sale in your favour. I guarantee that if you use AIDCA to steer your packaging and sales communications your sales will soar.

By Dee Blick FCIM, a founder of The Export Hub

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