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LAS VEGAS | 26 & 27 FEB 2020 LVCC USA
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Oliver Mammon

The Trail of Liabilities and Longevity in the Cannabis Market

Understanding cannabis extracts, concentrations, Mathematical accuracy and bioavailability.

A discussion concerning the design and manufacture of cannabis products in this ever growing industry. An educational seminar regarding CBD and other cannabinoids, to help for when you search for “the best” product out there.

The seminar will touch upon knowing your source, understanding the infusion process, understanding cannabinoid receptors and how these cannabinoids, carriers and receptors need specific partnering to gain the most from them. Knowledge Is imperative in a growing market.

About Oliver Mammon

Oliver Mammon- chief infusionologist for Taylor Mammon ltd.

I have officially worked In the world of CBD for 5 years, but in reality its been a far longer journey. My job is too design products and for me its all about the the product working. At Taylor Mammon we specialise in product development and innovation. We bespokely manufacture CBD products which are not currently on the open market, ensuring mathematical accuracy and efficacy.
At seven years old I was diagnosed with Tourettes syndrome, for the majority of my life I have suffered from spasms and twitches, as well as the accompanied other attributes of my ailment. I started using CBD for my personal reasons and quickly learned that a transparent source of CBD products is hard to find. Mathematical accuracy is imperative and it was non existent.

Along with Nate my now business partner, we decided to start making our own products, we started with drops and oils, then balms, then bath bombs, massage candles, capsules and list went on. With the little bit of care giving to those closest to us we started helping. Fast forward to 2019, we are now a leader in this industry, we manufacture for some of the biggest brands out there. Whilst never loosing sight of those original hurdles, quality, consistency and transparency.